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At Elite Health & Beauty thread vein removal is an incredibly frequent treatment amongst men and women; they're a common problem which can affect the face, body and legs. It's suggested there are numerous causes such as ageing, hereditary and health factors, pregnancy, smoking, temperature extremes and harsh weather exposures. Luckily however, there are fantastic treatments that we can offer you here at Elite Health & Beauty.

Veinwave treatment:

One method we offer is Veinwave treatment. It's designed to eradicate spider veins, red or blue, red spots and rosacea, and can be used on any skin type or colour. We use a technique known as thermo-coagulation where the vein will usually disappear immediately and the treated area will take approximately one month for total healing.


Sclerotherapy is a well established treatment for thread veins on the legs only. Thread veins on the legs can appear red or blue in colour and are usually thicker and closer to the surface than facial veins. A tiny needle is used to flush the thread vein with a special sclerosant solution called Sclerovein, which will cause the vein to dissolve away. The treatments last 30 minutes and most clients report it to be painless and comfortable.

24 hours after veinwave treatment we advise to:

  • Avoid swimming / jacuzzis
  • Avoid heat treatments - saunas or steams
  • Avoid makeup or cosmetics
  • Use of Medik8 Red Alert vitamin K cream after & between treatments
  • medicate red alert

After sclerotherapy we would recommend:

  • A brisk 10 minute walk immediately after treatment
  • Walking half an hour each day post treatment
  • Wearing support stockings
  • Avoiding extremes of temperature for 14 days
  • Avoiding sun exposure for 4 weeks
  • Avoiding high impact exercise for 2 weeks
  • Avoid waxing legs for 6 weeks
Thread vein removal - Brighton, East Sussex

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